What you can do with little money , building  motorcycles from scrapmetal and a lot of imagination is lots of fun ..

Taller Rivera , Mario's workshop

The workshop  of "secretario" Mario Rivera at the Division del Norte infront of the statue of General Emiliano Zapata, is the place where most of the technical things happen and this is also the clubhouse..
This is the centre of parties and the starting point of trips to the valley of Juárez or other  places in the great city..


Mario (with the beard) and some men of the club

The Botas Negras MC are the proof that you don't need expensive motorcycles and flashy clothes to have a real good time.
Every biker is welcome to join the fun every saturday at Mario's shop.
Biker visitors from anywhere will experience the real mexican hospitality of the Botas Negras motorclub ..

2007:  Martin  Salinas the president of motorclub NotasNegras of CD Juárez in Mexico

Cd (the city) Juárez in the mexican state of Chihuahua is situated south of el Paso Texas together they are called the twin citty, located in the middle of the  border between Mexico and the USA. With 2.5 million people it is one of the largest cities in Mexico.

The weather is sometimes extremely hot and dry, but most of the year it is sunny and warm  and that makes it ideal for riding a motorcycle ,

Welcome ..



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